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tv   Headline News  RT  August 6, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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that was. six months of starvation guantanamo guards will say the hunger strike is on the wane but desperate prisoners dig in despite repeated force feeding and invasive body searches. tough times for the u.k. view and we look at the plight of jobless you brit's two years after violent riots rocked london and other parts of the country. and four hundred fifty crucial women and children are reportedly killed in syria as radical islam militants attacked villages.
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it's eight am here in moscow you live with us on our t.v. with me to one would say let's take a look at the knees the south. it's now a half a year out since guantanamo prisoners began their hunger strike the u.s. military says the self-imposed starvation protests is waning because inmates have been eating after dusk as is tradition in the holy month of ramadan but painful force feeding procedures and invasive body searches are still part of the daily routine for many of the prisoners is a washington correspondent granted she can. every day in guantanamo it's groundhog day whether you're a guard or a prisoner that's how one officer described life and get mail every day's the same as the last and there is no escape for many inmates it's a painful routine routine that includes regular searches and force feeding twice a day for those who are on hunger strike the latest account from the prison comes from a british resident named shakur aamer has been held for eleven years of good will
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never charged with any crime shuckers been on hunger strike since january has also refused to leave his cells he writes i have said what i want to do just sit there for a week doing nothing just sitting it's about as nonviolent non-problematic protest as you could imagine but they won't let me do it so the forcible cell expression teen carries him out of the cell his hands and feet in shackles to a special place where they perform a search a pet down which sucker armor and other inmates call the good moments song. they flip me over for the surge mostly it's just an assault sometimes a sexual assault we call it the get my message they carry me like you second potatoes which is really painful for me. guantanamo officials actually responded to our inquiry about allegations by saying we don't comment on any detainee allegations made through their defense attorneys regardless of how ridiculous and
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absurd the allegations might be by saying this guantanamo officials may be suggesting the trucker's allegations are ridiculous and absurd could be but nonetheless has a history of torture and abuse which washington has tried to cover up by hiding behind state secrets privilege if you listen to the officials you're led to believe life would get more was not so bad the inmates can watch cable t.v. their welfare and force feeding is not as bad as it sounds no matter what the u.n. says after all they use a lubricant to shove the feeding tube down the detainees nostrils to make sure the detainees don't resist of course they struck them to a chair on the receiving end that is on the detainees and is of course a completely different story they report pain humiliation and despair that's their routine in washington i'm going to check them. one time away is already the world's most expensive prison but new data from the u.s. defense department shows that the bill is a running even higher than previously thought now the facility opened in two
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thousand and two and its overall price tag will top of five billion dollars by next year keeping one hundred sixty six inmates are housed at the prison means u.s. taxpayers up picking up a tab of over a million dollars every single day guantanamo bay is located in cuba so the u.s. has to spend plenty of cash on shipping food material and flying personnel here now the total tab breaks for this year with a big share of the spending allocated to prison stuff and security guards another large chunk of taxpayers funding goes to maintaining its high security war court keeping the prison running meanwhile seems to serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists worldwide that's what the senior counterterrorism counsel for human rights watch told us the problem we have with one tunnel that as long as it remains open as long as the u.s. engages in this eleven years plus regime if you go to tension then terrorists will
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continue to have a very powerful tool for recruitment in order to say to young disaffected man throughout the affected regions look at what the united states is doing to your brothers look at what the united states claimed it would stop doing because of course the manning want to harm our own people around the world you know that president obama pledged to close guantanamo was in one you're taking office that was four and a half years ago and there's no closure and there's a very simple way to close it down and that's either prosecute people for hunger sufficient evidence of crimes in regional courts like the u.s. federal boards and release the others that has always been the way to close guantanamo. now the prisoners began refusing food because they've been detained without charge and one to more humane treatment of the u.n. special report awful torture to try to find out more about the conditions but he told us that the pentagon only offered him a very limited tool on the facility. unfortunately i was not allowed to
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visit. my title base at least not in the terms that i have to apply under the rules that i am subject to i i did get invited by the pentagon but on conditions that i couldn't accept because conditions was that i would see only a part of prison want to show me. specifically that i could not. be reached. within me they claim that they can only give me the same terms of the here united states legislators for example or that they gave giorno their store visitors but i am just really united nations special rapporteur on torture and the terms of this it's truly transferred centers but i apply have been approved by the human rights council so i'm not asking the united states to give me any preferential treatment but i also cannot give the united states for fracturing time. president obama still
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hasn't trey's guantanamo bay despite promising to do so several times since his first election campaign back in two thousand and eight r.t. political commentator sam sex and told breaking the said why he thinks the president is a still open. i think the most pressing question when it comes to guantanamo right now is you know twelve years on all the rhetoric that we've heard from the obama administration all this talk for years now that it needs to be closed you know what's keeping this facility open certainly there's a lot of blame to put on the obama administration but we also have to go back and look at the bush administration because this was created under the bush administration two thousand and two it was created in dick cheney openly says this they wanted to put a facility off u.s. soil so that they can get around certain rights that these detainees would have if they were on u.s. soil and also the bush administration committed torture to get a lot of this information a lot of the detainees here so here we are twelve years later there's eighty six
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that are going to go as asked for why those eighty six haven't been released to me that's probably politics of fear president obama's afraid that if you release of these people they might commit some terrorist act in the future really that's not a way to govern out of fear the rest of these detainees are people who the government feels that they have a strong case against that they've done something wrong but none of the evidence they've gathered is permissible in court so they can't exactly hold them to this normal trial so instead they're just leaving them there indefinitely it's poor planning was shortsighted planning to create this facility and that was just fear that's keeping it open. plenty more issues covered in breaking was their wages here at six thirty g.m.t. now we've been monitoring that guantanamo hunger strike since it started at the beginning of february and we've chronicled it all for you on our website now as he
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dot com has our guantanamo timeline we've got all the latest updates the plus firsthand of prison accounts reaction and expert analysis of what's going on at the notorious facility. two years or since violent riots rocked to london and other cities and towns across the u.k. and to britain's e.u. still feels left behind now with the government pressing on with cuts thousands of young people of falling into long term joblessness or small the seeds where long before the unrest in twenty levon youth unemployment has been rising steadily since two thousand and two the figures has almost doubled in the past nine years and currently stands at almost a million meaning that one in five brits aged sixteen to twenty four don't have jobs now and the number of those not studying is also on the rise according to the universities of and colleges admissions services application from english students here at their lowest in the past four years this as
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a jewish in fees have tripled in two thousand and twelve parties are for the met a young bridge to took part in the riots two years ago to find out if anything has changed. everyone. i want to. i meet charlie at his council house it's been almost two years since his arrest and imprisonment as a result of his participation in the london riots he received a six month sentence for theft to charlie the impact of his actions have lost it far longer if you think that. you know what a lot of. things. doesn't make it. grow.
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it's big. i would never. kill these one of those who would have been dumped in the aftermath of the rioting with the turn barrel also pretty cool he met with many young people he got caught up in the violence and her new book seeks to what she says is an isolating and stigmatising tight so i. deliberately because i knew it was a phrase that gets used by politicians and by the media to describe well often to describe young people in general which is just complete misnomer very unfair and i'm just so inaccurate almost one hundred percent of the time the motivations behind the riots were complex the basic economics play a key part of the rich poor divide stream at the moment and the poor are kind of thing and the thing that you know that being left behind that was a phrase i heard in my research a lot you know we're being left behind and so i think it might be the start of
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something more i don't think the problems of going away so far haven't gone away then we're going to see more more trouble until the things start to get results but the spark that started the riots largely attributed to the sheeting and killing by police of a man named mark duggan here in the london borough talking two years on and friends and family is still awaiting an inquest expected in mid september but as they wait but also many questions still remain over the ensuing violence some putting it down to mindless criminality others to deep rooted social problems that many feel guilt have not been dealt with indeed youth unemployment in the cave remains that crisis levels latest figures show that nearly a million people between the ages of eighteen and twenty pool around to work. i'm never going to join in because. i think. that there's an
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awful. still unaccounted. for i mean as i was performing in joe. apart from with a criminal record. at the time of the riots the prime minister described the behavior of people like charlie as mindless criminality pure and simple often they need to. listen to us more because we live in the last basically in the slums we haven't got nothing so they need to sort of listen to us and. of course and maybe what we need or what we want not necessarily what we want what we need and what might help us if they become who is in front of you right now what would you say to an easy thing young people need right now to help preserve more you've crops and more maybe more funding to do things he says he's going to do this and that i hope people. are going to be given. winds of
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hope you know there's all this talk about this and there's no action. seen on the. surface i see london. well stories ahead for you including the turkey trial to could tailor crude riot police a fire to get thousands of demonstrators as a court hands all prison terms to lawyers and journalists and obama army general one that in a few minutes. i
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live. right. the first strike. and i think. on our reporters we're going to.
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be an. interview. i. think was staying with us here on r t militants in syria have apparently killed four hundred fifty could civilians it's been reported
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by an iranian news channel which also claims that one hundred twenty children were among those slaughtered the other three hundred thirty victims are said to be women it's believed the gunmen affiliated with the radical militant al newsreel group attacked a village just in a coup stimulated region in northern syria so far neither the government nor the rebels have confirmed the report now meanwhile two hundred civilians from two could have villages on being held hostage by an al qaida linked group militants launched an assault on that tell adnan and to tell her. still those who were not abducted were killed so while others were forced to leave violence has been spiraling in the region with cusa gathering while until fight us to stand again terrorist elements from the kurdish democratic union party says the ultimate goal of islam is behind the attacks is to expel the could issue from syria the most serious thing is that
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this jew you have used this group have to nothing are. based on the state of iraq and syria they are more dangerous and more serious a threat after that they have declared to attack expel all the air it is from syria they started to my suffering and terrorizing the people of the civilian people pulling the people mostly the you have to use your house and of the way that we go into exile you call all of you we're allowed to take whatever we can and whatever we want to do. the kurds in turkey gathered near the syrian border in solidarity with the kurds in syria who are falling victim to jihad is to attack their protests ended in violence and these firing tear gas at stone throwing crowds at least one person is forty injured and twelve arrested.
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brand new asylum documents in hand and as a whistleblower edward snowden is now free to roam russia for a year after receiving permission to stay last thursday while his location will be kept secret for security reasons his revelations of you was dragnet surveillance continue to resonate wrong the world certain promises not to leak any more information in exchange for getting temporary asylum but more of all what he has already given out to the media is being released the snowball effect of exposure continues apace with reuters recently putting a spotlight on how the drug enforcement agency cooperated with the n.s.a. in spying on american citizens that's not knowing whether or not the latest report came from snowden's early and weeks but as well as foreign minister told r.t. spanish channel that his country has been very wary of u.s. intelligence even before snowden's revelations i meant when
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a woman that we had always strongly suspected that the u.s. was carrying out surveillance across the world america excuses its nuclear activities by saying it's based on legislation and congress gave its approval along with the supreme court or the government to simply put it into effect but there are a lot of ethical questions as to how this program is being implemented in regard to society in this case the rights of u.s. citizens are being abused and besides we also see that the program involves other nations who are not obliged to abide by american laws and this is what makes it all very serious. nearly three hundred people have been convicted of plotting to overthrow the turkish government the verdict in the five year long the lead month trials for we head of the army lawyers academics and journalists get long prison terms as some of them jailed for life activists in the media have criticized the trial as a witch hunt international relations professor markel winter from the kent university says the turkish government appears
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a military paul grab similar to what happened in egypt. on the one hundred you have the charge that there's a deep state military intelligence for spears against the prime minister but the prime minister's supporters certainly seem to feel that there's a deep plot against them organized by security forces not just into the last few months we've seen this dramatic shift in the middle east which is why i think they feel particularly vulnerable they see the muslim brothers in egypt who they see very much as the sister party. pushed out of power they feel that the americans and europeans are tolerated that i think in the encroaching government circles in our party circles they fear that although this particular case got going some years ago now the threat for what they perceive as the secular military alliance against them could have indorsement from our side i follow us servicemen are switching sides are joining the bad guys online and really gotten more in war working for mexico's drug cartels as head man and trainer and the f.b.i.
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says they recruitment is set. and it's revealed that boston bombing stuff that some of them and i have been reading white supremacist literature before the attacks the story at r.t. dot com. right the sea. search. and i think you're. on our report. now to some more news making world headlines at this hour at large a security sweep in iraq has left eleven zaid and arrests are the crackdown turns lethal after suspected militants opened fire on police investigators in suing them
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so your money pack. reporters say many others had explosives strapped to their chests the operation came in response to a deadly checkpoint a solved last month which saw fourteen did violence are still surging into the country where bombs claimed that these eight and more lives on monday. investigators in argentina have arrested a national intelligence agent in connection to a crime against a major opposition politician the security camera footage shows him and touring election can of the election candidate howls police suspect him of burglary and the politician whose bloc is tipped as a game changer in the country's politics. mess of flooding has struggled a lot of the western province in china. didn't stranded and traffic at a standstill. excavators and relief teams were called in to help with the extensive damage a series of floods and landslides have forced message regulations for over
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a month now. ridiculous and downright bizarre some of the words used to describe fridges from a dish board mounted cameras in russia because now the dash cams catch everything from driving offenses to me and wrecking up the hits on you tube or t.s.a. losing friends takes a look. if it wasn't for this we would never have seen this the eleven thousand ton meteor that impacted chelyabinsk in february the video was breathtaking the world asked when did russia become the authority on the so called dash cam george fetch macof says we have russian roads to think they're so bad that proving he isn't negligent in a crash can be tough without one two weeks ago i. was in the accident it wasn't my fault it was just their problem with the road. record from my
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desk where they only prove. me to say that it's not my fault it's not just the roads it's also scams like this one people throwing themselves at cars to collect injury money it's a known fact that while driving down the road in rush hour you never know what might sail past you it could be about a tank. a fighter jet. or even a passenger plane crashing into a highway it's never dull. and it's very often hilarious mostly because it's happening to someone else like this video. i don't like why they're on the radio with. yeah when the guy said oh. yeah people love russia nonchalance when faced with calamity all seriousness aside
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just think of all of the comedy missing from the internet of russian dash cams are made illegal because what makes it so uniquely russian isn't just what's happening on this side of the dashboard but the reaction inside the car that when we're going to hear what the sound up i want to learn the russian word for hold. that. in fact the russian reaction seemed so laid back it's beyond parodies on russian television according to automotive journalist alexander pickle nko these little cameras are now a part of the culture judging by the survey that we conducted of the forty million drivers in this country every ninth one thousand video recorder essentially send since the entertaining and sometimes embarrassing videos are a byproduct of the effort to patrol the roads dash cams may stay where they are securely mounted to the dashboard and feeding our lawyers i'm so if you find
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a dash cam video of yourself being laughed at on the news after an epic evening out you may just have to turn the other cheek because at this point your collateral damage in moscow lindsey france our team. well i have next to look behind the financial headlines to find out what then your prime interest coming up here on out to. the media leave us so we leave the media. does the same motion seem to. play your part of the physical. push is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking only on our team.
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i live on. the street. with. the missile. enema. everybody.
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we speak your language will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little too negative angles to these stories. you hear. this story all te spanish. visit. good afternoon oh welcome to prime interest i'm perry i'm boring and i'm bob it would get to today's headline. lifetime jobs are we sounding like a broken record yet the unemployment rate ticked down this morning probably seven point six to seven point four percent the number of payrolls or jobs added with one hundred six and two thousand a bit short of expectations and as usual neil largest contributing.


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